Refund Policy

Delivery and Acceptance of Goods:

  1. Delivery Process:

    • Goods will be delivered to the buyer's address as specified in their account during checkout or as agreed upon in advance.
    • Buyers are responsible for arrangements to receive goods on the specified delivery day(Keep tracking your package to be updated on the delivery date and expected delivery time).
  2. Tracking and Customs:

    • Buyers receive a separate email or notification from the website with the tracking number. If by any chance buyers don’t get a notification/email from us, kindly contact as soon as possible.
    • Note!! import taxes may apply in some countries to purchases; buyers are responsible for these taxes.
    • Products undergo customs inspections as standard procedure. 
  3. Product Handling and Temperature Sensitivity:

    • Certain products are shipped with ice packs in insulated styrofoam  packaging.
    • Despite proper packaging, warmer temperatures during transit may slightly impact product efficiency in some rare cases (up to 10%).
    • Refunds or returns due to temperature-related issues are not accepted.
  4. Order Processing:

    • Orders may be put on hold pending buyer response within 24 hours.
    • Out-of-stock items are communicated within 24 hours; if no response is received, available items are shipped, and refunds for missing items are provided as store credit.

Parcel Tracking and Claims:

  1. Parcel Retrieval:

    • Buyers are advised to track parcels promptly.
    • Responsibility lies with the buyer to retrieve parcels held at pickup locations to avoid return, for which no compensation is provided.
  2. Claim Period:

    • Claims for wrong addresses must be made within 30 days of delivery.
    • Claims related to delivery issues must be submitted within 30 days of shipment.
  3. Untracked Parcels:

    • If tracking remains unavailable after three days post-shipping, buyers should contact customer support.
  4. Investigation Process:

    • Email inquiries initiate parcel investigations, which may take up to two weeks.
    • Action is taken only after a minimum of 14 days from shipment for unresolved cases.

Eligibility for Refunds, Returns, or Replacements:

  1. Product Verification:

    • Verification of product discrepancies is supported by recorded warehouse footage.
    • Refunds or replacements are provided for wrongly delivered packages(with proofs from the courier services) or missing products.
  2. Damaged or Defective Products:

    • Claims for damaged or defective products must be made within 30 days of delivery.
    • Visual evidence (pictures/videos) of the damaged product is required.
  3. Buyer Remorse and Expiration:

    • Unopened, undamaged products in original packaging qualify for returns within 30 days.
    • No refunds are issued for products with adequate expiration periods at the time of delivery.
  4. Customs and Responsibility:

    • Buyers are responsible for customs-related issues, including taxes or license submissions.
    • Assistance is offered in resolving customs-related delays or refusals.

Specific Cases and Additional Guidelines:

  1. Refund Validation Process:

    • Claims require video evidence of product usage and unpacking to validate the request.
  2. Damaged Packaging and Free Items:

    • Compensation is provided only for damaged products, not for damaged packaging.
    • Free items or saline damage do not qualify for compensation or replacements.
  3. Customs Hold and Refund Options:

    • Options for reshipment or refunds are offered for parcels held by customs. In Exception of cases were products help by customs are not delivered based on client not being  able to submit licence or they are destroyed at customs and can't be returned back to us. Also clients should be aware of their customs situations in their countries or locations before ordering , we won't be held responsible!!!! .
    • Limited reshipments are provided; subsequent issues may lead to refunds with exclusions.
  4. Duplicate Payments and Sale Periods:

    • Duplicate payments are credited to store credit upon confirmation.
    • During sales, specific terms apply regarding order cancellations, additions, or shipping requests.

Gofillers has received baseless claims for refunds and replacements lately, therefore please be advised that all products sold on are intended for use by medical professionals. In case of wrong or improper usage by an unskilled or uncertified person, which might result in undesired performance and outcome, does not bear any responsibility in relation to product performance. To claim a refund, requires to provide a full video recording of unpacking and procedure done with the given product, which supports the customer’s claim and helps identify the cause of the problem. If a video recording is not provided, no refund is available.

  1. Product Description Review: Prior to adding items to your shopping cart, we strongly advise carefully reviewing the product description page, including all details and images. This step helps guarantee that you receive the product as expected, minimising g any potential disappointment upon receipt. Know what you are ordering or seek guidance/ recommendations  from our support team.

  2. Medical Registration Certificate Requirement: Please note that a valid medical registration certificate is required for any refund claim.

  3. Toxins Return/Refund/Store Credit Policy: Kindly be informed that toxins are not eligible for return, refund, or store credit due to regulatory guidelines.

Additional Cautions:

  • Free Saline: While we include saline for free to mix with toxins, please be aware that there is a slight possibility of the saline package being missing, broken, or damaged during shipment. Unfortunately, we cannot compensate for this occurrence with store credit or reshipping. Saline is readily available in pharmacies, both locally and online.

  • Empty Bottle Misunderstanding: Botulinum toxins typically come in powdered form (excluding Innotox), which may initially appear as an empty bottle. Rest assured, the powder is finely textured, and all units are accounted for. Dilution with saline is necessary before usage.

  • Melted Ice: During the summer season, despite our best packaging efforts, products may arrive in relatively warm or hot conditions. Our experience and test results suggest that product efficiency may decrease by up to 10% under such circumstances. Please consider this before making a purchase during warm seasons.

  • Storing Diluted Product: Once opened and diluted, botulinum toxin products should ideally be used within 24 hours, as described. While storing diluted toxin for up to one month is possible, its effectiveness may decrease by up to 10%. Store toxins in a refrigerator for optimal preservation.

Your satisfaction and safety are paramount to us. If you have any further questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to our customer service team for assistance.