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    If you have been looking to buy Korean fillers, this Korean product should be on your list. Beads max Classic H is a premium dermal filler that enables breast and buttocks volume enhancement without surgery or discomfort. The filler is only based on one component, the purest form of hyaluronic acid, which makes up its composition. The product's ground-breaking features are based on its special formula, which enables binding molecules within the filler and results in a long-lasting effect.

    BEADS MAX combines all of the fillers' most optimal mechanical qualities.

    - strong cohesiveness and viscosity

    the ideal gel hardness (gel hardness can be controlled delicately)

    - outstanding for simple molding

    - Resistance to migration

    An innovative method of producing a semi-solid Hyaluronic Acid gel


    BEADS MAX Advantages

    The action of hyaluronidase allows for complete dissolution.

    demonstrates a new degree of filler compared to our rivals while remaining 100% HA.

    demonstrates significant hydrophilic potential due to its stably structured molecular structure.

    Facial area (equivalent to ‘deep’ normal HA filler)

     Beads Max Classic-S

    Breast and buttock augmentation

    Deep dermis

    Subcutaneous tissue shallow

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