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    Using prolonged release technology, prevents hair loss, strengthens hair follicles, and encourages hair growth!
    The first hair loss filler developed by Dr. Cyj contains hyaluronic acid as well as biomimetic peptides, growth factors, enzymes, trace elements, minerals, and vitamins.

    Are you sick of your hair being weak, falling, and cracked?

    If so, this filler complex is ideal for you! It works by reviving the skin's cells and the scalp, promoting blood flow on the head's surface, and enhancing blood flow. Additionally, it rejuvenates hair follicles, promotes follicular growth, and stops hair loss.
    How is the operation carried out, and what results does it produce?
    Microinjections are used to apply Dr. Cyj filler to the scalp. Ingredients gradually become active over the prolonged release period after being introduced into the skin, where they stimulate hair follicles and cells and encourage hair growth. This treatment eliminates cell death, promotes microcirculation, improves the health of the scalp, and stops hair loss.

    Who and what is Dr. Cyj hair filler meant to be used for?

    • For those with brittle, thin hair, both men and women
    • To improve the state of the hair
    • The filler complex promotes quicker hair growth and boosts hair volume.
    • to address androgenic alopecia, hair thinning, and hair loss
    • Men and women who are balding
    • When combined with other hair loss prevention strategies, to have a synergistic effect
    • People who have had hair transplants and want to prolong the life of their implants

    Seven different specific peptide complexes work together in this unusual composition:

    0.7% reticulum hyaluronic acid (an revolutionary production procedure that preserves the quality of hyaluronic acid) actively moisturizes hair follicles, stimulates fibroblasts, and protects against free radicals;

    • Deca peptide 18 induces the creation of a new layer of follicular embryonic cells;
    • The anagenic phase of hair growth is prolonged by oligo peptide 54, which also slows hair loss;
    • The scalp and hair roots are nourished by deca peptide 10.
    • Protection from stress, damaging UV radiation, and other external dangers that lead to hair follicular cell death is provided by octa peptide 2.
    • Octa peptide 11 promotes the synthesis of fresh collagen.
    • The hair depigmentation is suppressed by oligo peptide 71.

    How many steps are necessary?

    One procedure is applied every two weeks during the course of a typical four-procedure course. A dermatologist or cosmetologist will make a recommendation on the precise number of procedures during your visit. Depending on the hair and head issues, the treatment time varies from person to person.

    How much time does it take for the findings to show up?

    After 4 treatments are finished, the initial results often show up in 15 days.


    What benefits can Dr. Cyj hair filler offer?

    • possesses both biphasic and monophasic physical properties.
    • high quantities of hyaluronic acid and peptides in hair filler
    • variables that encourage the proliferation of hair follicles. Hair follicle growth is ensured by the hair filler complex, which also encourages follicle growth and scalp regeneration.
    • suppression of a gene associated with hair loss
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