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     Elevate Your Contouring Experience for a Naturally Sculpted You with Top Quality Stella V.I.P

    Introducing STELLA, a revolutionary contouring serum that brings a transformative touch to both facial and body aesthetics. Designed to visibly refine moderate to severe fat deposits, STELLA acts as your go-to solution for achieving a naturally sculpted profile.

    Crafted with precision and care, STELLA is not just a contouring serum; it's a homeopathic marvel that addresses various forms of obesity and targets dyslipidemias commonly associated with it.

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    Key Features of STELLA V.I.P:

    • Core Ingredient - Bile Acid: A medically approved fat-dissolving substance derived from natural metabolic by-products of intestinal bacteria in humans. This vital element emulsifies and breaks down absorbed fat during the digestive process.

    How to Use STELLA for Optimal Results:

    1. Apply 8cc to 16cc of the solution directly to the localized area affected by obesity.
    2. Administer 0.2cc evenly across 80 strategic points daily, maintaining intervals of 10mm to 20mm, aligned with individual physique and variations.
    3. For extensive areas, where 80 points may not suffice, administer to distinct sections, allowing for a 24-hour interval between each treatment.
    4. Experience minimal discomfort post-treatment, permitting a retouch within 24 hours. For optimal results, consider repeating the treatment over approximately one week.

    Special Remarks:

    • Transient bruising may occur due to the use of specialized surgical tools.
    • STELLA's versatility allows for application using various methods such as MTS Roller, MTS Stamp, Meso Gun, Meso Machinery, etc. Adherence to national regulations is advised for a safe and effective procedure.

    Product Specifications:

    • Constituent: Bile Acid
    • Single Treatment Quantity: 8cc - 16cc
    • Application Tool: General mesotherapy or mesoroller method
    • Product Type: Contouring Serum
    • Expiry Date: 2 years from the date of manufacture
    • Storage: Store at room temperature (1 ‒ 30℃); Avoid freezing

    Experience the evolution of facial and body contouring with STELLA, where science and nature harmonize to redefine your aesthetic aspirations. Your journey to a more refined you begins with STELLA.

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