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    A celosome Implant is perfect for facial contouring and volumization. The filler is injected into the deep dermis and subcutaneous tissue. Scope of Celosome Implant HA 24mg/ml+Lidocaine 0.3%.

    Filler celosome implant is a part of a line of dermal fillers that comprise hyaluronic acid that has been stabilized (HA). The fillers are of exceptional purity and of high quality. For purification of HA in Celosome, a particular 8-staged technology and a set of membrane filters are utilized to achieve low amounts of contaminants (BDDE, endotoxin, heavy metals, etc.) in the final product. The HENM cross-linking technique permits the gel's viscoelasticity parameters to be adjusted based on the application. Celosome fillers provide a long-lasting aesthetic effect with minimal risk of pot-injection side effects thanks to their exceptional viscoelasticity parameters.


    Celosome's Advantages:

    There are five products in the series. depending on the area of use, the viscoelasticity properties of the HA gel vary
    esthetic effect that is both immediate and long-lasting
    extraordinary viscoelastic characteristics
    Due to the inclusion of lidocaine in the mix, homogeneous gel distribution after injection ensures an outstanding cosmetic effect.
    Celosome Strong is great for wrinkle treatment and facial shaping, as well as fairly noticeable and deep wrinkles. In the intermediate and deep dermis, the filler is injected.

    Celosome Strong's Purpose:

    Wrinkles and folds that are moderate to severe are treated (nasolabial fold, forehead and frown lines)
    contouring of the face (chin and jawline correction)
    Improved nose bridge/ridge after a facelift
    The aesthetic effect might last anywhere between 12 and 24 months.

    Celosome Strong contains 24 mg/ml of HA and 0.3 percent of Lidocaine.

    1 1.1 mL syringe per pack

    There are certain contraindications to using this product. We are not liable for any unfavorable consequences that you may experience as a result of self-administering items. Before undergoing any operation, you should consult with a doctor or medical practitioner.

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