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    COLLADERM, or atelocollagen filler, is a sterile and highly purified collagen filler that is dissolved in phosphate-buffered solution and injected intradermally to enhance soft tissue. 
    It's a sterile device made up of highly purified atelocollagen dispersed in phosphate-buffered physiological saline in a 1ml syringe.

    Wrinkles, nasolabial folds, scars, and other soft tissue deformities can all be treated with this treatment. 
    Unlike other collagen injections made from bovine protein, atelocollagen is more safer and does not pose a danger of BSE. 
    This product does not require skin testing because it is structurally identical to human collagen. 
    Collagen is a fibrous extracellular protein that forms dermal connective tissue. 
    Collagen has a modest antigenicity by nature, and the telopeptide sections are thought to be responsible for the majority of its antigenicity.
    Because of the paucity of telopeptides caused by pepsin treatment, COLLADERM has a limited antigen reaction. Porcine collagen (from pigs) is used instead of bovine collagen. Because pig collagen is structurally comparable to human collagen, atelocollagen has great qualities for implantation in the human body.
    CollaDerm (Atelocollagen) has the following advantages:
    – It provides a stable scaffolding structure
    – It induces cell migration with enriched sites for adherent cells
    – It optimizes cell conduction into the scaffold
    – It advances the remodelling phase
    – It promotes fat cell viability
    – It has ideal biocompatibilities
    – It has fewer side effects ( erythema, swelling )
    CollaDerm (AtelocollagenPurpose: )'s
    - Lines on the forehead
    Glabella frowns as she says this.
    – Nasolabial folds
    – Marionette lines
    – Periorbital lines (neck, beneath eyes, entire face)
    Composition of the product: CollaDerm 1ml 1 syringes 1 ml each pack Atelocollagen 3 percent
    Size of needle: 22G x 2

    Amount: 1ml*1

    Location: Korea 

    Shipping: Globally ( International)

    Please keep in mind that our goods should only be used by medical specialists. We are not liable for any bad consequences that may occur as a result of self-administering products. We will not reimburse you for things that have been thrown away or mistreated.

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