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Crystal Fillers on sale

Crystal Fillers on sale

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       What are crystal fillers?

    Experience the revolutionary CRYSTAL Fillers on sale, meticulously crafted using NASHA technology, an advanced method of purifying hyaluronic acid (HA) without any animal-sourced materials. Say goodbye to wrinkles and folds with a premium line of fillers designed to rejuvenate and revitalize your skin.

    what are the Benefits of crystal fillers 

    • Highly purified hyaluronic acid from non-animal sources ensures safety and efficacy.
    • Low concentrations of residual cross-linking agent minimize the risk of adverse reactions.
    • Reduced protein levels in the HA gel lower the risk of scarring.
    • Long-lasting results with up to 18 months of duration, surpassing other fillers by 30%.
    • Highly elastic formula prevents migration and lumps while providing volume and moisture to the skin.

    CRYSTAL Fillers Overview:

    CRYSTAL Lite: Delicate filler for small wrinkles, perfect for lip contouring. CRYSTAL Deep: Restores volume in soft tissues, ideal for correcting deep folds and enhancing cheekbones. CRYSTAL Ultra: Intensive filler for deep wrinkles and facial contour restoration, providing long-lasting results.

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    • Cross-linking: BDDE
    • Hyaluronic acid concentration: 20 mg/ml (2.0%)
    • Lidocaine concentration: 3 mg/ml
    • Elasticity modulus: Varied for targeted effects
    • Needle size: Varied for different injection depths
    • Volume of syringe: 1.0 ml
    • Type of injection: Intradermal and subcutaneous
    • Duration: Up to 18 months, depending on injection method and patient's features

    Each package includes 1 syringe and 2 needles, ensuring precise application and optimal results. Store between 2°C to 25°C away from direct sunlight for maximum efficacy.

    Revitalize your skin and embrace a youthful complexion with CRYSTAL Fillers – the perfect solution for a radiant, age-defying glow.

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