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    While the other Dermaheal mesotherapy solutions help reduce eyebags, this one provides a more focused and efficient approach. Injected into the eye area, Dermaheal Eyebag Solution treats wrinkles, dark circles, and the growth of fat tissue deposits beneath the skin in addition to directly treating the eyebags problem.

    There are numerous causes that can result in eyebag formation. The most frequent causes are exhaustion, lack of sleep, and stress. However, a number of ailments, autoimmune disorders, environmental factors, food, and more are all major causes of this skin condition under the eyes. But the end outcome is usually the same: eyelid swelling (sometimes severe).

    To treat the aforementioned symptoms Dermaheal Eyebag mesotherapy dissolves any stored fat tissues in the area while also reducing actual swelling and preventing lymphatic blockage. Additionally, it enhances the overall health of the skin around the eyes and immediately treats side effects of eyebags including wrinkles, a darkening of the skin tone, and a loss of skin hydration.

    What's the Secret of Dermaheal Eyebag Solution?
    As is customary with Dermaheal mesotherapy, the major active elements are peptides, with four serving as the key ones:

    • Tripeptide-41 / CG-Lipoxyn
    • Nonapeptide-18 / CG-Formade
    • Oligopeptide-61 / CG-Cellsolin
    • Oligopeptide-73 / CG-EPG

    The first one triggers lipolysis, which eliminates any extra fat cells behind the eyes. The second accelerates skin renewal, prevents wrinkle formation, and has a favorable impact on any inflammatory processes that are already occurring. The third one enhances the lipo impact by inhibiting adipogenesis, the process that produces fat cells. The final one lessens the effects of and protects the skin from external influences, particularly UV rays.

    Procedure for injecting Dermaheal Eyebag
    One bottle administered once a week is the suggested injection schedule. Your dermatologist or cosmetician will determine how many sessions are necessary.

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