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           A product for lipolytic body contouring is Dermaheal PTX Platinum LL. The product's high concentration of quick-acting, proprietary peptides makes it the ideal recipe for slimming and toning the body. The treatment also aids in reducing cellulite and extra fat deposits. You can use Dermaheal PTx Platinum LL along with other items like Prostrolane Inner-B. The method produces effective, quick, and safe outcomes without the need for injections.

    Active components:

    » Paxillin (Pentapeptide 12 SP)

    « Peptide with a deoxycholic acid conjugation

    » Growth elements

    « Bio-inspired Peptide


    « Decreases cellulite and fat deposits

    « Firms up the skin

    « Shapes the skin

    « encourages body shape correction through a complicated interaction between lipolysis, thermogenesis, and myorelaxation

    « There are no needles involved in the non-invasive technique.

    It has a high concentration of quickly acting peptides, and the treatment's effects are immediately noticeable.

    « The product's components are completely biocompatible, and none of them can lead to allergic responses or other negative side effects.

    Clean the product before using it, and then use the proper application technique to apply it to the desired area. Dermaheal PTX Platinum LL treatments should be used once a week. Use just one vial each time.

    The procedure's effects endure for six to twelve months.

    Growth factors, biomimetic peptide, deoxycholic acid conjugated peptide, and PTx peptide (sh-pentapeptide-12 SP) make up the product.


    We, as the seller, draw attention to the fact that only skilled and licensed professionals in the medical and nursing fields should provide injections of both goods with and without lidocaine.

    What Dermaheal is ?
    The most well-known name in premium Korean mesotherapy and cosmetics is Dermaheal, which is produced by Caregen. A wide variety of skincare, hair care, and mesotherapy products under the Dermaheal brand are perfect for treating skin conditions like aging, hyperpigmentation, and other skin issues.

    Products from Dermaheal can help with issues like dry skin, early aging, and environmental wrinkles. Additionally, Dermaheal offers items that feed the hair and scalp, strengthen hair follicles, and stop hair loss brought on by stress or medical disorders. A fantastic combination of vitamins, amino acids, minerals, growth factors, and other nutrients and skin-rejuvenating ingredients may be found in the Mesotherapy range. The beauty line also offers a distinctive fat-removal procedure.

    Another characteristic of Dermaheal by Caregen is its 100% biological compatibility. As a result, unfavorable outcomes from a patient-friendly mesotherapy treatment using these solutions are uncommon. This holds true even for the HA-based injection gels in this line because the hyaluronic acid they contain isn't derived from animals and is fully biodegradable.

    The two components at the core of Dermaheal's ground-breaking injectable treatments are cutting-edge skin care technology and cost. In other words, Caregen is attempting to provide consumers extremely expensive, highly inventive cosmetic products with this brand.

    Dermaheal and prpmed are constantly at your side if you're seeking for a non-surgical fat reduction solution, a technique to stop and lessen hair loss issues, or a guaranteed cosmetic rejuvenation mesotherapy using potent biomimetic peptides.

    Amount: 10 vials × 5ml

    Usage: lipolysis stimulation, thermogenesis regulation, body shape correction

    Location: Korea 

    Shipping: Globally ( International)s

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