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           Juvederm Ultra 3 is a thick and versatile hyaluronic acid gel that can be used to treat a variety of skin problems. 

    This gel can be used by patients who have moderate to severe wrinkles, such as marionette lines and nasolabial folds, as well as thin, undefined lips.
    Allergan Laboratories' Juvéderm Ultra 3 is a filler product from the Juvéderm Ultra line. This line offers a variety of gels that combat aging by restoring skin volume.

    This substance is quite helpful in treating numerous facial creases and defects, and it is a good alternative to surgery.

    Juvéderm Ultra 3 is made in Haute Savoie and utilises the proprietary VYCROSS® technology.

    Juvéderm Ultra 3's formulation provides for a soft consistency and a comfortable treatment.


    - Juvéderm Ultra 3 gel aids in the restoration of volume in the regions where it is injected.

    - Wrinkles are visibly reduced, the lip contour is redrawn, and there is an increase in youth and volume.

    - Juvéderm Ultra 3 smoothes creases between the nose and the mouth, as well as the lip contour.- Juvéderm Ultra 3 smooths out expression lines and bitterness folds as well.Juvéderm Ultra 3 has a soft, smooth, and natural consistency that allows for even and rapid distribution in the skin because it is not granular.
    Juvéderm Ultra 3 contains Lidocaine, a natural anesthetic, for a more comfortable treatment.
    Hyaluronic acid gel at a concentration of 24 mg/ml (24 percent concentration)3 mg/ml Lidocaine hydrochloride (0.3 percent Lidocaine)1 ml phosphate buffer, pH 7.2 q.s.p.It comes with four 27G1/2 needles and two 1ml pre-filled syringes.Areas to be targetedJuvéderm Ultra 3 is used to treat moderate facial wrinkles.- Folds of the nasolabial folds- Wrinkles on the peribuccal- The bitterness dissipates- For the coating and volume expansion of the lips- and so on

    Amount: 2*1ml

    Usage: With a 27G needle, you can correct your patient's smile lines, also known as parentheses or nasolabial folds, which run from their nose to the corners of their mouth, fix their marionette lines, which are lines at the corner of their mouth that make them look frowning, or smooth their vertical lines between their nose and their lips.

    procedure for applicationPlease take notice! An authorized specialist must execute this treatment.This is a medical gadget that should only be used by someone who has been trained to inject hyaluronic acid-based fillings.It is possible that the injection will last shorter than 15 minutes.Injection procedureA thin needle is used to inject the medication into the middle or deep layers of the skin.A relaxing therapyThe gel's fluidity and the presence of lidocaine provide for a very comfortable therapy for the patient.Effectiveness durationThe injection's effects are instantly noticeable.The length of time they last is determined on the patient's age and the amount of medication injected. The Juvéderm ULTRA range's effects might last up to 12 months.Contra-indications

    Minors, pregnant or breastfeeding women, and persons with skin inflammation or an allergy history should not use this product.Do not use on infected or inflamed parts of the skinAvoid locations where permanent fillers have been used.

    After laser treatment, thorough chemical peeling, dermabrasion, or, in the event of superficial peeling, if there is a substantial inflammatory reaction, do not use Juvederm Ultra.If you have a hypersensitivity reaction to hyaluronic acid, have a medical history of autoimmune illnesses, or have a history of persistent streptococcal infections, don't use it.

    Location: China/Korea 

    Shipping: Globally ( International)

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