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    Rejeunesse Dermal Filler
    Rejeunesse with lido- is a sterile, transparent, pyrogen-free, viscoelastic gel of 100% cross-linked hyaluronic acid of non-animal origin containing 0.3% lido- hydrochloride for treatment of wrinkles and folds. 
    The Lido- provides the patient's pain-reducing effect during treatment

    H.A 24ml +Lidocaine 0.3%

    Rejeunesse Deep

    Rejeunesse Deep offers a fast and long-lasting facial contouring and deep fold removal treatment that is safe, free of pain but effective.
    Created with the latest production technologies, this is one superb dermal filler that can be applied to different
    parts of the face to fill medium-to-deep creases in a non-surgical way.
    The cross-linked hyaluronic acid molecules of the Rejeunesse filler can give any aging face the support it needs to look more youthful.
    with 0.3% lido
    1 x 1.1ml
    Made in Korea

    Why Choose Rejeunesse Deep?
    This reliable cosmetic rejuvenation product was developed to specifically correct moderate wrinkles and deep folds on the face. It offers particularly stunning and durable results when used on:
    * Oral commissures
    * Vermillion border
    * Glabellar
    * Lips

    To fill deep wrinkles, medical practitioners are recommended to inject the solution into the medium or deep layer of the skin.Namely because of this great injection depth, the developers of Rejeunesse Deep have made sure that this product is 100% biologically compatible with the human body. For that reason, this patient-friendly skin filler:
    * Does not contain animal-based ingredients
    * Features a minimal amount of BDDE
    * Has gone through a double sterilization process
    * Is made of purified HA raw materials

    Using such a health-friendly dermal filler comes with many advantages - reduced risk of unwanted reactions, greater durability,and biocompatibility

    Amount : 1.1ml*1 

    Location : Korea

    Shipping : Globally( Internationally)

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