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                Restylane Lyft is an FDA-approved hyaluronic acid filler for the face and hands. 6,10 Restylane Lyft adds volume to the backs of the hands, giving them a more youthful appearance and completing your aesthetic style.

    RESTYLANE PERLANE is replaced with Restylane Lyft.

    - This product fills in deep creases and corrects them, as well as creates and restores volume that has been lost over time.

    - It's recommended for unpleasant folds and deep nasolabial folds (smile lines), as well as the oval of the face, nose, cheeks, and cheekbones.

    Deep creases on your face are reduced with Restylane Lyft, and your skin is deeply moisturized for a healthier, younger appearance.

    - The effects of this product last 9-12 months on average. The gel's side effects differ from person to person, depending on the patient's lifestyle, skin type, and age.

    - Touch-ups can be done after the treatment to improve the results.

    - In order to sustain the desired results over time, maintenance sessions are also required.

    Areas to be targeted
    This gel should be utilized in the following areas because of its high cross-linking.

    Cheekbones \sCheeks \sNose
    The face's oval shape, as well as deep creases in general composition
    HA concentration: 20 mg/mL Fine needle of 29 G 12 Non-animal source of hyaluronic acid

    This firm-textured gel should be injected into the deep dermis and/or the surface of the hypodermis, according to the application protocol.

    - It's a medical instrument that should only be used by someone who is certified to inject hyaluronic acid filler.

    - A needle, a cannula, or a Hyaluron Pen are used to apply this substance (Accessories available in our store, needles are included in the box).

    - This product should not be administered into the body as a precaution.

    Patients who are minor
    Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding
    Patients who have a reaction to one of the ingredients or are hypersensitive to it


    Usage:   Adding lift to cheeks, smoothing smile lines, and adding volume to the backs of hands

    Location: China/Korea 

    Shipping: Globally ( International)

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