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    Sosum S is a cross-linked HA filler that improves fine wrinkles in the skin without the use of Lidocaine.

    The density, viscosity, and elasticity of Sosum fillers are exceptional. The HA cross-linking procedure is carried out at low temperatures, resulting in a dense and densely packed HA gel structure. After the cross-linking reaction, HA is purified twice to reduce the amount of residual BDDE. Due to the increased resilience of HA to degradation, a high cross-linking rate ensures a prolonged effect duration. After the operation, there is no residual BDDE and minimal endotoxin levels, which reduce allergic reactions and other negative effects. The HA gel's low injection force ensures that the filler is distributed evenly and painlessly during the injection.

    Sosum's advantages: -the series consists of three items, each with a different HA gel grain size depending on the scope of our work.
    Due to the absence of residual BDD, there are no allergic reactions or any negative effects.
    -H that isn't generated from animals
    -proven safety (testing on toxicity)
    -proven efficacy (based on a survey conducted eight and twenty-four weeks following the injection operation)
    -The operation is painless, and the finely divided gel structure decreases the danger of post-injection oedema and bruising.
    The dense gel structure and high rate of HA cross-linking reduce the danger of lump formation.
    -The gel's high viscosity provides a long-lasting esthetic effect.

    Sosum S is good for filling fine lines and wrinkles on the surface of the skin. The filler is injected into the dermis' top layer (superficial).
    Sosum S's Purpose:
    -glabellar and forehead lines
    - perioral lines that are fine
    - periorbital (crown's feet) area

    The visual effect can endure up to a year.
    Composition of the product: 20 mg/ml HA

    Location: Korea 

    Shipping: Globally ( International)

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