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RENTOX 200IU online

RENTOX 200IU online

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    About Rentox 200IU

    ReNTox TM 200 units is a brand-new medication of the type A Premium Class (botulinum toxin), created by the South Korean business Pharma Research Bio. It is offered as a white injection-ready lyophilized powder in a clear, colorless vial. Other than its cheaper price we offer, this product has a sweet lovely smell, makes your skin feel great, removes oily residue,  softens the lines around the eyes and makes  skin look so smooth and healthy(real reviews from our vast client base.


    1-Removal of imitated wrinkles
    Eyelid spasm number two. Three-Face Half-Spasm
    cervical dystonia type 4 (spastic torticollis)
    5-Focal hand and wrist spasticity in stroke survivors
    strabismus with paralytic 6 (strabismus)
    Localized muscular spasms in cerebral palsy in children older than 2 years are symptom number 7.


    1) 3D effect: The period of action is 6 to 8 months, and the patient should start noticing the effects on the third day after administration.

    2) Composition: Unlike other botulinum toxins, the improved formulation of the preparation does not contain proteins, albumin, or gelatin.

    3) Diffusion: Among all botulinum toxins that are currently known, it has the lowest diffusion.


    ReNTox promises excellent effectiveness.
    The potency fluctuation is closely regulated between 91 and 115 units.
    High patient satisfaction is ensured by the exact and consistent effect that Botulax offers at the time of injection. click now to purchase 

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